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August 10, 2021

Adding RTX Codes on GFX-750

Training Tips
Today, we’re going through how to add your RTX code to your Trimble GFX-750 display.
Data Conversion
March 17, 2020

Trimble GFX to FMX Data Conversion 2.0

Training Tips
Today, we’re going through moving GFX data from a PIQ into a previous model like FMX. So, what you’ll do is you’ll need a thumb drive first and you’ll just put your thumb drive in, whether you’re on a GFX or TMX running PIQ, it’s the same thing. You’ll put your thumb drive in. You’ll see your little icon come up up there. You’re going to hit DATA TRANSFER. The first important thing that you’ve got to do is up here where it says SHOW ALL USB FILES, you need to check that box.
Secure RTK Key Banner
March 16, 2020

How to Enter Your Secure RTK Key on Trimble Guidance Displays

Training Tips
Each year, when you pay your subscription for your RTK codes, you’ll be sent your key and you can enter that in and that’s a per receiver deal so you need to make sure which particular unit you’re on first so you can know which key to go with, if you have multiple units. On your home screen here, you can go to SYSTEM INFORMATION.