Training Tips
March 17, 2020

Trimble GFX to FMX Data Conversion 2.0

Below is the transcript from the video:

Today, we’re going through moving GFX data from a PIQ into a previous model like FMX. So, what you’ll do is you’ll need a thumb drive first and you’ll just put your thumb drive in, whether you’re on a GFX or TMX running PIQ, it’s the same thing. You’ll put your thumb drive in. You’ll see your little icon come up up there. You’re going to hit DATA TRANSFER. The first important thing that you’ve got to do is up here where it says SHOW ALL USB FILES, you need to check that box.

Now, you’ll go and find your field you want to copy. We’re going to do this TEST CURVE. We’re going to hit COPY, and now since we hit that check box, we’ve got these other options. So we’re going to do the FMX, the middle one. Now our next thing, we’ve got our data converted but you see it put it in the Output_AgData folder. So, what we need to do is we need to move that out to the top directory on the USB drive. So, what we’re going to do now is if you drag from the top up here, just drag down from the top, you hit this gear.

Now, hit STORAGE & USB and then hit your USB drive right here and we’re going to go to our Output_AgData folder and then this AgGPS folder needs to be moved to the top directory so just press and hold that AgGPS until it highlights and you’ll see these extra options come up here. So, you need to hit those three little dots on the top right and then hot COPY TO… and now it automatically moves us back to our top directory, so this is the main directory on our USB drive. So, we’re going to hit COPY down here. So now that put this AgGPS folder out on the main directory of your USB drive and we have to have it in that main directory, otherwise the FMX won’t see it.

So, you see now this is our top level directory and you see AgGPS, so now when we go to our FMX, it should see it. Everything should be fine. So, now you can pull your thumb drive out, go to your FMX and move your lines over and everything should be good to go.