Training Tips
August 10, 2021

Adding RTX Codes on GFX-750

Below is the transcript from the video:

Today, we are going to be showing you how to enter a passcode into a GFX with the barcode scan. You want to make sure to get back to your home screen and you should see the app central icon right here. If you don’t see it on your home screen, you’ll want to hit your menu button right there in the center that’ll show your ‘all apps’, and then you just want to go find your app central, the top left. You’ll have to go to your phone and you should have by now, someone should have sent you your barcode, so you’re going to either have it on email or text message or something of that nature. Pull it up on your phone or download it – whatever works best for you. Here, we have it in an email and go into here and pull this QR code up – it’s best if you expand it bigger. You’ll go down here right-hand corner on the GFX, hit the plus sign in the QR code icon there on the top, and then we’re going to pull this up in front, and it accepted it. You’ll see the one license accepted there. Now what you’ll need to do is normally reboot this unit. But for this video, we’re just going to go into Precision IQ, but you’ll normally want to reboot it to let the license pull in, for sure. We will just show you where these settings are that may show up and inside of Precision IQ, go up here to the GNSS tab, right now we have ours set up as SBAS Correction Source, go to edit, click this correction source, and it’ll pull on the end so what we will want to do is go to this RTX. This one is on standard convergence, you also have fast convergence it’s kind of the same setup and you’ll want to make sure you’re on your right baud rate, right here we are on North America 1555.8080 baud rate 2400 and on fast that’s what it’s going to be at. You won’t have to worry about any of the other thresholds or anything. Save that and then you’re pretty well ready to go once your satellite goes green.