Training Tips
March 16, 2020

How to Enter Your Secure RTK Key on Trimble Guidance Displays

Each year, in order to gain access to the RTK network, operators are required to enter their RTK key on their Trimble display. Follow along as Travis Kelley guides you through the steps to quickly and easily make this happen. Below is a transcript of the video:

I’m Travis Kelley and today I’m going to show you how to enter your secure RTK key on an FMX Plus. Each year, when you pay your subscription for your RTK codes, you’ll be sent your key and you can enter that in and that’s a per receiver deal so you need to make sure which particular unit you’re on first so you can know which key to go with, if you have multiple units.

On your home screen here, you can go to SYSTEM INFORMATION. This is a TMX so I’m going to be looking on the left side over here and you see serial number, this 5412550162? That’s the number that if I needed to give that number in in order to get a code, that’s the number I would give them but if I’m already set up, they’re going to reference that number and give me a key in order to enter in on the screens so I can get access to the network. So I’m going to go to my wrench right here, the SETTINGS, I’m going to go to GPS RECEIVER -> SETUP and up here at the top I’m going to hit SECURE RTK and this Key 1 blank, I’m going to hit that and I’ve got my key on my phone they sent to me.

It doesn’t matter about lowercase, uppercase, whatever. I normally leave it all lower case. If you ever see an “O” on your key, it is “O” not a zero. So, I’m going to enter all this in. O, now you can see it says active and it shows the expiration date, so you know you’ve got a good code. Then we’ll hit OK, then OK and I can open my field up and go in and see if I’m getting any signal. You see my CMR percentage on the screen just went to 100% so I’ve got a good code entered and that’s how you enter your secure RTK code in an FMX plus.